Managing Director's Message

The ultimate goal of education is to equip the child with knowledge, skills and disposition required to successfully lead the nation for economic and social development.

Curriculum is a major instrument of education which in fact shapes the whole system. Curriculum provides a framework for the educational institutions, determines the subjects, learning objective and learning outcomes.  The key value of curriculum is to ensure cohesion and uniformity in educational systems of diverse cultures and societies to achieve the goal of national unity. Curriculum is simply a vehicle to interpret and transmit the national goals and societal aspirations to younger generations. It is influenced by national ideology, national policies, socio economic development, global changes and economic order.

I would like to appreciate the PCTB team playing its role in development of SNC; a single system of education for all in term of curricula, medium of instruction, so that all children may have equal opportunities to receive the quality education.


Mr. Naveed Shahzad Mirza
Managing Director
PCTB, Lahore