"Education is a vital investment, in terms of both human and economic development. There are six basic pillars that contribute for raising the quality of education. These are teacher, curriculum, textbooks, assessment and learning environment in an institution and relevance of education to practical life / employment market. The basic functions of the Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board (PCTB) are to make arrangements for the production and publication of textbooks for classes I to XII on affordable prices and their timely availability in both private and public sectors.

In order to achieve this goal, the PCTB is striving hard. Initiatives like procurement of paper by the PCTB, official working based on information technology and revival of the sale points in all divisions are being taken. Furthermore, to sensitize our children about global standards of learning, PCTB is working on developing illustrated practical notebooks and workbooks in Urdu and English for elementary and higher classes. GIZ is collaborating with PCTB in this project."
Managing Director
PCTB, Lahore