Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board has a vision of nation-building through quality textbooks, prepared on the basis of a culture of innovation, which seeks to stimulate the learning of the students and teaching passion of the teachers. It strives to broaden the horizons of learning in order to produce minds, alive to the responsibilities and challenges of life, and also capable of meeting them.

Raison d'être (reason for existence)

  • Prior to the establishment of Provincial Textbook Boards, there was little control of the Government on printing, publication and distribution of the textbooks
  • The provision of adequate textbooks both in quality and quantity has been a problem that has concerned educational authorities for many years
  • Constitution of National Education Commission by the Govt. of Pakistan in 1959 under the Chairmanship of Mr.S.M.Sharif
  • The recommendations of the S.M Sharif Commission were  endorsed by a committee headed by General Nasir Ali Khan in the year 1962 and  the establishment of Textbook Boards was recommended to ensure the production of standardized low priced textbooks and instructional material